Sizing guide


Mind your measurements

Do not pick the size your child needs based on the number, only choose based on the measurements taken. When in doubt, choose a size based on the largest measurement that you have. If you do not have a measuring tape, you can always look up their usual size from the store you shop at most often and the measurements you need will be provided there! If you have a special circumstance in sizing (for example, your child is tall for their age but has a smaller chest circumference) feel free to reach out to me first before placing your order and I will be sure to make note of it and specialize the sizing for you!

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How to measure various points

A: Chest Measurement (around the entire body)

B: Waist Measurement: Smallest part (around the entire body)

C: Hip Measurement: Around the largest part of the booty (around the entire body)

D: Neck Measurement: (around the entire neck)

E: Waist to Knee: from the waist to the top of the knee

F: Arm Length: Top of shoulder to the wrist.

Transformations- Baby Sizing Chart

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Transformations- Child Sizing Chart

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Ready to Wear Sizing Chart

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