All fashion and person-focused photography provided by @hannah_amaryllis

Alright, let’s do this thing!


But first, let’s talk about Ready-to-Wear

Short and sweet, I love colorful things. My office has a rainbow maker, I have a tree of scarves in every color, I have to force myself to buy basics in clothing, I can’t go a day without some sort of color everywhere. Life is short, so add a little color, a little glitter, a little fluffy hem, anything to make it even more fun! I have a heart that is permanently 7 years old and I adore creating things that my 7 year old self would have danced around the grocery store in!

Okay, so how does this whole transformation thing work exactly?

Great question! Here is the process:

1. Pack up your gown and get her ready to go! If you live in Colorado I will come meet you to pick it up (if you are anywhere from Fort Collins to Castle Rock) and also discuss design details in person. If you live out of state contact me and I will give you the address to send your gown to! (Tip: I will be pressing the fabric no matter what, don't worry about wrinkles just find a box that will fit the gown and carefully shove her in! I’ll send it home in a new box). 

2. Upon receiving your gown, I will evaluate it with the design you have chosen and map out your fabric.* I will do a check-in with you before I start to make sure you have no special requests and a check-in when I am halfway done with the new product! We will be in pretty close contact consistently throughout the process.

3. When I am finished you will receive your newly transformed garment packaged in a new box! I will ask you at the halfway check-in if you would like your fabric scraps back. If you would not like your scraps back I will use them in someone else’s gown as extra fabric if needed, so the tradition will still be carried on! If there is a lot of scrap fabric (this is rarely the case) I will ask if you would like something else such as a tie or pillow case made from them.

4. You receive your new garment and then hopefully will send me photos of your loved one wearing it! I love to see that "new clothes!" smile and twirl! 

*Please understand that sometimes there is not enough fabric from your gown to work with certain designs. I will reach out to you and ask if you would like to either switch designs or I will match the fabric to the best of my ability and supplement in new fabric where needed. I will use every piece of the dress fabric I possibly can before getting to this point.

What if I don’t have a gown to use, but I still want a custom design?

I have done dresses from scratch several times in the past! Dresses are priced based on complexity and the time it takes for me to complete each one. (Keep in mind I do custom patterns for each design to ensure the fit is exactly how you want it!) If you would like a dress but don’t have a dress for me to start with, there will be an extra fabric charge on top of the current design price. Pricing is as follows:

Standard Fabric: $30

Premium Fabric: $60

Hand Beading: $100 (please allow for an extra week- three weeks total- if you would like hand beading on the gown).